I have joined forces with Andrew Weekes from iCandi Apps, an iPhone/iOS app development company in the UK to bring you some great apps you can enjoy. These are only apps for iphone (& all iOS devices), currently, and we are working on bringing Android app versions out soon, as well as free versions of our apps so you can try before you buy, giving you free audio to play with!

Shop Prank

(Available NOW, click to download– Only GBP £0.69/USD $0.99)

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Our second app is now LIVE in the App Store. Click Here to download it now.

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Shop Prank Screenshot


Shop Prank is a hilarious new app designed to cause mayhem in any shop you go in!
Do you just hate the ‘unexpected item in bagging area’ message on self serve checkouts? Or the ‘cashier number 2 please’ when waiting in a never ending queue in your bank?
Well with Shop Prank you can activate these messages whenever you want with the tap of a button. Use it to get people off the self serve or to get that bank queue down quicker! Its crazy and its so much fun! With 16 different Shop Pranks to choose from you can prank plenty of shoppers!


Our first one has just been released on the iTunes App Store, called Telesales Annoyer, and is designed to help you get your own back on all those unwanted irritating telesales callers who can’t take a hint! Compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touch (with speaker) and iPad.

Telesales Annoyer

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Download The App Now

(Only GBP £0.69/USD $0.99)


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Update: Apple has selected Telesales Annoyer to appear in the ‘New & Noteworthy’ section of the utility category. Very exciting! [PIC]