Request Quote

In order for me to work out the most accurate quote possible, I need all available information. So if you could let me know the following, it’ll help me work things out much more quickly & easily:
  • Could you tell me who/where the voiceover is for, and how it will be used? (i.e. what’s the name of the end client?) – Are they a larger business or a small organisation?
  • How widely distributed is this planned to be? (Online/broadcast etc)
  • What’s the anticipated audience reach for this project? (Niche or widespread etc?)
  • Is this to be shown at a conference, limited audience/time,  or is it going to be available to be viewed indefinitely online and beyond?
  • How many segments would this/each script be in, so I know how much additional editing would be required per script to export individual files (if applicable)?
  • What is your budget for the voiceover element of this project? Up to?
Sorry for the bombardment of questions, it’s just that this helps me work out all necessary fees & any applicable usage fees etc.
Also, for your reference, this page covers my terms of service: