Request Quote

PLEASE NOTE: I am moving house on the 10th December, so my last working day of 2019 is Fri 6th December. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to undertake any work after 6th as everything will be in boxes, and gradually unpacked whilst I wait to be connected to broadband again & set up the new studio! Apologies in advance for any delay in replies to phone calls and emails, please do bear with me as it’ll take a few days to get sorted the other end! 
In order for me to work out the most accurate quote possible, I need all available information. So if you could let me know the following, it’ll help me work things out much more quickly & easily:
  • Could you tell me who/where the voiceover is for, and how it will be used? (i.e. what’s the name of the end client?) – Are they a larger business or a small organisation?
  • How widely distributed is this planned to be? (Online/broadcast etc)
  • What’s the anticipated audience reach for this project? (Niche or widespread etc?)
  • Is this to be shown at a conference, limited audience/time,  or is it going to be available to be viewed indefinitely online and beyond?
  • How many segments would this/each script be in, so I know how much additional editing would be required per script to export individual files (if applicable)?
  • What is your budget for the voiceover element of this project? Up to?
Sorry for the bombardment of questions, it’s just that this helps me work out all necessary fees & any applicable usage fees etc.
Also, for your reference, this page covers my terms of service: