Special Offers

Because it’s the kind of guy I am, I will be bringing you very special offers on a month by month basis. Be sure to check this page out regularly so you don’t miss out.

Current Special Offer:

30sec Online Radio Advert

This product, essentially, is exactly the same as an actual radio advert, with all the same production values, just it’s not actually on the radio. It can be hosted on your website so visitors can play the clip and know instantly more about what you do. This type of product is also great to use on blogs and other social media, to help drive traffic to your site and aide in brand awareness. More info.

Normally, the price of production for such a clip would be £150, but I am offering it out at the moment for the reduced price of just £99. To take up this offer, contact me today and quote ‘RadioAdOffer2019’ in the subject line.

What Do I Need From You?

I will need your ready-to-record script, (with any specific pronunciations marked for my attention),  maximum of 30 seconds worth of text; this equates to roughly 90 words spoken at standard radio advert pace.

Want to take me up on this offer?

Contact me now.