Terms Of Service

Please read these Terms of Service carefully prior to booking me for voice over services.

For all enquiries, please contact me directly.


1. At the time of quoting, I can only be as accurate as the information I have. So if a script isn’t written yet, I can only quote on your anticipated duration of voiceover. Once I receive the script, I will go through it to time it (if necessary) and amend the original quote as required.

2. I am not VAT registered, and there are no hidden costs, so the price I quote is the price you pay. However, if a project is adapted or added to after the initial go-ahead, I.e. there is supplemental material to be recorded, then this will be chargeable.

3. Payment for voiceovers is to be made in advance, via BACS bank transfer (preferable), debit or credit card, or by cheque (which will need to have cleared before recording commences). An invoice will be raised with all the necessary details once you have approved your quote. Any supplemental fees due from project amendments once recording has begun will be invoiced separately after the recording is complete.

4. Credit (post-recording invoicing) will only be given to existing/established clients, with whom I have already built up a working relationship. Credit invoices must be settled within fourteen (14) days of presentation.

5. All new clients will need to pay in advance of recording.

6. Telephony clients: recording prompts requires minimum chargeable rates, i.e a minimum charge of 5 prompts per session.


7. If your script contains any unusual spellings, acronyms, specific pronunciations, abbreviations or industry-specific ‘jargon’, then phonetic spellings of these words annotated within the script in brackets are preferred where necessary. If specific instructions have not been supplied, and what I record is ‘wrong’, then extra fees will be incurred for the re-recording time.

8. One take/recording is voiced per job. Additional takes are available if you require various style options etc at a standard rate of 50% of the original invoice per take (or portion thereof if only partial re-takes are required). Multiple takes can be supplied as part of an overall job but will need arranging at the time of quoting to build into overall job price.


9. If there are any parts of your recording which are incorrect, where I have made, for example, a pronunciation mistake, then I shall rectify this free of charge. If however you would like a change made to the script that differs from the original script used to record from, or if directorial notes and style guides weren’t provided pre-recording and/or you wish to have it re-recorded because my interpretation differs from what you were expecting, then supplemental fees will be incurred for the extra recording time. You will be notified of the relevant costs prior to re-recording, and invoiced.

10. I retain copyright and ownership of all recorded material I have voiced. If you would like full ownership and copyright of any recorded material, then a ‘buyout’  can be arranged.

11. Wherever possible, I would love to receive an HD MP4/MOV copy of any finished video productions; retaining the ability to publish finished video productions (in part in the form of clips, or in full) as part of future audio/video showreels for my own personal promotional use. (Unless specifically stated by the client that this wouldn’t be possible if a production is strictly for internal/non-public-facing use etc).

12. My permission must be obtained if you plan to use the recorded material in any other form from the medium originally produced. (For example: A voiceover that was recorded for a corporate video that is then to be used in a radio/television advert). Supplemental fees will be incurred, and I must be notified of any planned usage changes for licensing cost calculations.