Now Accepting Card Payments Powered By Stripe

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finalised a new initiative for 2016 and beyond; the ability to seamlessly accept card payments for voiceover jobs.I wanted to be able to set something up that was effortless for the client to use, and that was fully integrated within my website.

This has been achieved using Stripe as my payment processor. There is a new dedicated payment page that can be sent to clients, enabling card payments to be taken quickly & easily; whether they’re on a desktop browser, smartphone or tablet.

Payments via this method are totally secure, and, if you haven’t come across them before, Stripe is trusted by countless small, medium and very large businesses all over the world. Find out more about Stripe, and examples of other companies that use them, by clicking here.

You may also notice that my website is now SSL enabled – (the little padlock icon in your address bar signals this, as well as the prefix ‘https‘) – something that is required for card payment processing; meaning you can be assured that any data entered through this payment portal is done so securely.

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