Hitting The Ground Running for 2013

It’s a New Year, a new start, a fresh outlook on work, life, the universe and all that. I had a fairly chilled Christmas break, and was mentally recapping the previous year and all it’s achievements, and projecting what needs to be done for this year, the less-than-snazzy looking 2013. (2012 just looked so much cooler, didn’t it?)

So, my plan was in my head, bullet points have been jotting down. (I say jotted, I mean more notated in my new jotter pad, the glorious Evernote, as I’m ever the techie don’tchaknow.) And The first week back at work, I have a flurry of enquiries in – which I certainly wasn’t expecting this early on into the new year…And what do I now get?

A cold.

The voice over artist’s worst enemy.

The Voldamort of the VO world.

It’s ironic that I’m a person that doesn’t particularly enjoy Christmas, so I wouldn’t have been remotely bothered to have been ill during that downtime. It would have been far handier. But no, I get it once I hit the ground running. Typical!

So, the downer is that I’ve had to put several clients back a bit until my sinuses decide that I can breathe again; but on the plus side – I’ve entered the new year with a boatload of new enquiries, and planned jobs I knew about from regular clients – so at least that’s the really good news!

So, how’s your start to 2013 shaping up so far? As you planned it? As you hoped?

Let me know……

2 thoughts on “Hitting The Ground Running for 2013

  1. Sorry to hear you’re starting off the new year with a cold! May I suggest using a neti pot? Worked wonders for me last time my sinuses were giving me trouble.

    • Thanks Yvonne!
      Yes others have mentioned this neti pot. Will have to do some more research on that as it sounds intriguing.
      Hope you’re well 🙂

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