It’s Nice To Have Fans

Sadly, not a fan club –  just actual spinny fans.

original_imageI’m the last person that would complain about this unexpected spell of good weather we’ve been having. I adore it. So good in fact I’ve almost forgotten what trousers feel like. And even better news, I’ve managed to really get some mileage out of my new flip-flops I bought a few weeks ago in case we had some sunshine.

However, the only slight downside is that given a job like mine which consists of standing/sitting in a padded box in these temperatures, it can get a little uncomfortable. But you know what, this weather won’t last much longer, so best enjoy it while we can.

I came across a fab company called Black + Blum, a design duo down in London, who have created a superb set of products; one of which is the Propello fan, which is so so quiet it’s untrue. Perfect for cooling down my booth, and more than likely while I’m in there recording at the same time.

It’s also a fan that doesn’t look downright ugly, so it will sit quite happily on my desk looking good, whilst keeping me nice and cool as I edit projects for elongated periods.

Let’s just hope this weather lasts for a good while yet, as I’m not quite done!

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