Music That Transports You – Inception

Audio (naturally) is a big part of my life, always has been. I’ve always been a musician and been involved in the creative arts since I was little…

Music is something that I love…..a fair mix actually, bar a lot of ‘modern’ stuff – but that’s mainly due to me getting older and not being ‘hip’ anymore. I get a little confused as to who is who with all your Lady Googoo’s and N-Flubz. However one genre of music that always gets my cochlea excited (matron) are film scores. To me, they’re some of the most evocative and powerful pieces of modern orchestral music around. Especially (of the more modern age, anyway) David Arnold (of Bond music fame, especially) and Hans Zimmer (who has done countless A-list Hollywood film scores).

For the purposes of this blog post, though, I’m going to give you an example of Hans Zimmer, who, amongst his many works, one of his most recent is a big winner with me – the music from Inception. Extraordinarily powerful music that just transports you when you shut your eyes. This video is part of a live rendition of the film score (which I need to try and find the full version as I’d love to buy it!) with Zimmer performing as well. So, without further ado, transport yourself away into the world of Inception.

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