The Mu – The Revolutionary Folding Plug

On Monday, I found online one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Something truly revolutionary. Seriously.

No, not a swearing parrot or random office workers replicating ‘Gangnam Style’.

I mean someone that has revolutionised a mundane, yet a constantly used every day item.

The British 3 pin plug.

Invented a long time ago, in a time where things weren’t exactly portable. They stayed put. The plug was fine.Mu Folding Plug

However, technology has moved on; really rather a lot! We’re more portable now than we ever have been; yet the UK plug has barely changed at all. One company called Made In Mind decided that it needed an overhall, and boy, were they right.

Their concept of a folding plug went viral in 2009 after a video of it was posted online. And now, it’s a reality, and I bought one. Reason? Well, I already carry in my work bag my phone charger, and my laptop charger, both have big bulky plugs, which are too big and sharp – they stick into your leg as you walk, and can easily scratch other things in your bag.

Mu Folding Plug 2Not good.

So I have purchased the Mu, and so far I absolutely love it, and it’s distinctly Apple-inspired packaging. It will be located in my bag for all future travel needs for phone charging! Because of the various voltages etc involved, it’s not easy to ramp it up to charge anything – the current plug (with regular USB socket) will charge phones, but they are working on a tablet version, and ultimately, a laptop charging cord too.

It’s well worth a look at, as it’s a fantastic space saver and will stop your things from getting scratched too!



Mu Folding Plug 3

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