This Week, I Went Back To School

On Wednesday this week, I went back to school. Not to learn anything, in fact quite the opposite. In a way.

I’d been asked by a colleague of mine who works for a Birmingham company that introduces business people from all walks of life to schools in the area, essentially educating the students of different types of jobs that are out there. She’d needed someone to fill a gap, so I volunteered my services. The event itself was a ‘Guess My Job’ event, a bit like give us a clue, so they had to ask us different questions about the types of things we might do in a given day, so they could narrow it down and guess what we did.

This had many advantages as obviously, compared to the other types of businesses that would typically attend one of these events, mine was quite unusual! Anything to give people a challenge, me.

There is a reason that I’m keen on these types of activities, and that is that when I was at school, I didn’t have access to this kind of event, meeting people from all different areas of the working world. At that age, all you ever really get to focus on is academic things related to upcoming exams, without really having a clear idea of what the future could hold for you, or realising there’s something quite different or unusual you could be aiming for, (which could impact what choices you make in subject matter).

So yes, it was quite an experience, especially for someone who doesn’t do that kind of thing every day, normally being stuck on my own in a little booth, to be confronted with 30 kids at a time. Scary to say the least. But, fun, and hopefully the students got something out of it too. Definitely a rewarding experience, and would recommend doing similar in your own area if you get the chance.

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