A Massively Effective Ad Campaign

In the age we live in, advertising is everywhere; you can’t escape it. There are numerous reports online stating (or often probably more like guessing) how many advertisements an average person sees on an average day. It’s likely to be a lot. From billboards driving around in your car, TV commercials, to web ads that pop up or sit in sidebars of some of the world’s most popular sites.

Unless you have crafty ad blocker plugins on your browsers, you’re likely to see numerous ads per page you look at. Which is why it can be difficult for a lot of those ads to be memorable.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a really effective ad/awareness campaign when I was looking at Twitter; that highlighted the issues suffered by disabled people. Namely, targeting the selfish drivers that illegally park in handicapped parking spaces.

Something tells me this would make them think twice!

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