Website Security – A Timely Reminder

One night around a week ago, I was just heading to bed at 11:30pm; when all of a sudden, my inbox goes mad – about 31 emails came through in a stream, to let me know that there are numerous attempts to access my website from an unauthorised user.

I was the victim (or rather, someone tried to make me the victim) of a brute force attack, to gain access to my website.

Thankfully, I have the WordFence plugin installed which prevents this kind of thing from happening. Or at least, makes it as difficult as possible for the would-be attacker. This plugin came recommended by my web guy, Danny at PieWeb. I’d contacted him that night to see if there was anything further I could do to prevent this person(s) from gaining access to my site. So we’d also changed around some login details & upped the security measures across the site, and all seemed to be good.

This person was now totally blocked from gaining entry – mainly thanks to a little plugin that acted as my website’s bouncer!

So, if you’re not sure how secure your website is, then I recommend you do a bit of an audit; if you’re not that familiar with all things techie, speak to a good web developer who will be able to help you and make sure your business’ shop window is safe and secure. You’ll be glad you did.

Again, as always – this is not an endorsement of WordFence because I’m being paid for it or receiving kickbacks – I’m just a satisfied & happy user who has been saved a lot of hassle (having had a previous website a few years ago hacked, which was a major headache) by having the proper measures in place to prevent unwanted access. And it’s something I think every website owner should be aware of, to make sure your business’ online presence remains completely in your control.

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