Forvo – A New App To Help The Voiceover

Forvo App ImageForvo, the website that helps us voiceovers out with pronunciations from time to time, have launched a new app to help combat pronunciation woes when we’re due to record.

We’ve all been there on occasion; a script lands, and for the most part it’s fairly self-explanatory – but there’s the odd word we’re not that familiar with, either in a foreign language, or a name or phrase of some sort.

Most of these things are reasonably easy to Google; but with tools like Forvo,  you can now have it in the palm of your hand in terms of their new app, & hear words spoken by humans, not by artificial computer-generated voice robots.

I’ve just downloaded it this morning after finding it randomly, and for me, certainly worthy of keeping in my ‘voiceover’ folder on my iPhone for when the need arises.

Learn more about Forvo and their app by clicking here.


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