Forvo App Image

Forvo – A New App To Help The Voiceover

Forvo, the website that helps us voiceovers out with pronunciations from time to time, have launched a new app to help combat pronunciation woes when we’re due to record. We’ve all been there on occasion; a script lands, and for the most part it’s fairly self-explanatory – but there’s the odd word we’re not that…

The Apple Effect: A Lesson In Customer Service

The other day, my iPhone went a bit faulty – the earpiece stopped functioning so I couldn’t hear anyone on a call, I either had to use loudspeaker or the handsfree cable. Obviously, not exactly brilliant. Made an appointment at the Apple Store’s Genius Bar in Birmingham to see what they think the problem is….

NEW Logic Pro X

2 weeks ago, Apple announced & launched the latest version of it’s pro audio recording software, Logic Pro X. It’s been a long time in the making since it’s last iteration in ’09 – although it had continued to be a powerhouse in recording function. However this time round, they have improved it even further….

Mobile Voiceover Recording With The RØDE iXY

A couple of months ago I bought the RØDE iXY microphone. But alas I only received it yesterday due to the new shipment coming in direct from Australia! Everything about it looked so positive – it’s size, portability, the fact it comes with a windshield and a hard zip carry case, attaches directly to the…

Mobile Recording Made Easy

Recently I’ve been investigating potential options for continuing my ability to record voiceovers when I’m not at home. Many VO’s carry some sort of rig around with them whether they’re on a semi-working holiday or just not at home for a period of time. Often that consists of pretty much the entire rig they’d use…