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When You Know You’re Too Used To Technology

Something odd happened the other day. Be it the beginning stages of already reaching ‘a certain age’, or just being a bit weird; the jury’s out. I was writing up some notes (pencil and paper style) whilst on a phone call with a client; the usual – noting down project lengths, word counts, initial rough pricing…

Turning Your iPad Into An Ultrabook

How to work even more mobile The other day, I purchased something that will, I think, greatly help me work on the move for the times I don’t need/want to take my laptop with me. The Anker ultra slim iPad keyboard. The inspiration came from me seeing lots of reports about the Logitech counterpart, but…

Apple’s Tim Cook Voices New Green Ad

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the reigns as voiceover artist for a new video released yesterday by the company; talking about the company’s continuing efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, and their plans to be even better in the future. Quite often, having a company CEO voice their own ads & marketing material can be…

The Apple Effect: A Lesson In Customer Service

The other day, my iPhone went a bit faulty – the earpiece stopped functioning so I couldn’t hear anyone on a call, I either had to use loudspeaker or the handsfree cable. Obviously, not exactly brilliant. Made an appointment at the Apple Store’s Genius Bar in Birmingham to see what they think the problem is….

NEW Logic Pro X

2 weeks ago, Apple announced & launched the latest version of it’s pro audio recording software, Logic Pro X. It’s been a long time in the making since it’s last iteration in ’09 – although it had continued to be a powerhouse in recording function. However this time round, they have improved it even further….

The Passing Of A True Legend

Last night, I saw the news break via Twitter to say that Steve Jobs had died. At first, like so many of these tweets, you assume it’s a distasteful hoax, so I ignored it. However it soon became clear that it was actually genuine. The web for the last 15 hours or so has, predictably,…

Mailchimp Just Made Life A Little Easier

I’m a big advocate of Mailchimp for e-newsletter production and distribution, their ‘free for life’ package for light users such as myself really is fantastic. I noticed a tweet from them today to say that they’ve just released a new piece of software to allow easier list-adding from the Mac’s native address book – ‘Chimport‘….

Blackberry Playbook and It’s Place In The Market

In Small Biz Live Episode 9, we’re talking to Rob Williams from Carphone Company, looking at the Blackberry Playbook and where it fits within the market, especially given RIM’s recent troubles. Will it be their profit saviour? We also talk about it’s competitors including the iPad 2 and it’s other counterparts, Google’s own Android tablets….