Apple’s Tim Cook Voices New Green Ad

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the reigns as voiceover artist for a new video released yesterday by the company; talking about the company’s continuing effortsTim Cook Voiceover Image to reduce their impact on the environment, and their plans to be even better in the future.

Quite often, having a company CEO voice their own ads & marketing material can be a huge mistake! But in this instance, I think he’s done a damn good job! With his soft relaxed Southern tones, it lends itself nicely to the pace of this video, and still has all the passion, life & authenticty it requires.

It’s a bold move, especially given the fact that Steve Jobs, Cook’s predecessor was known for not wanting to voice their own material. However, he was once persuaded by their marketing team to voice the now-famous ‘Here’s To The Crazy Ones’ campaign (never aired) which ultimately was voiced by Richard Dreyfuss; but the unofficial Steve Jobs version came to light a few years ago.

With Cook receiving pressure (and at times, criticism) about how he would helm Apple after Steve’s death, being such a figurehead, I think this was a wise move to help affirm Tim’s ownership of Apple, and how he plans to move the company forward.

What are your thoughts? Think Tim has done a good job?


Steve Jobs’ famous ‘Crazy Ones’ voiceover:

5 thoughts on “Apple’s Tim Cook Voices New Green Ad

  1. Tim Cook did a great job (pun intended!) on this. His voice is very intimate and earnest here, and I love that he still has his southern accent, having grown up in Mobile, Alabama and attended Auburn and Duke Universities. The video is so simple, and even repetitive in imagery and themes, but Cook pulls it off with his sincerity.

    Thank you for sharing this, Richard!

    • He certainly did!

      Completely agree about it sounding intimate and earnest. Especially when you compare against Steve Jobs’ version of ‘Crazy Ones’, I didn’t think any other CEO would be able to capture that same spirit, but Tim’s done a sterling job here.

  2. I think Tim Cook does a reasonable job here. There are many intangibles that are at play: morale, leadership, ownership and letting consumers know that they can feel good about purchasing an apple product because Apple is committed to making the smallest environmental footprint possible – PR.

    It is interesting that there is no indication in the copy or the visual that it is Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, narrating the video. This may or may not be broadcast, it will be interesting to see. Thanks for sharing this Richard.

    • Thanks for commenting Lynne 🙂

      Yes absolutely agree. Interesting point about there being no mention about it being Tim. I can only think it’s along the same lines of Steve Jobs’ attitude with not wanting to be the one voicing – not wanting it to be all about him the CEO, wanting focus on Apple and it’s plans etc.
      Could be wrong but that’s my best guess. For us die hard Apple fans, Steve’s and Tim’s voices are very recognisable, so if anything it’s a nice little ‘Easter Egg’ for us lot who know!

      (Or so I like to think, anyway!)

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