Turning Your iPad Into An Ultrabook

How to work even more mobileAnker iPad Keyboard

The other day, I purchased something that will, I think, greatly help me work on the move for the times I don’t need/want to take my laptop with me. The Anker ultra slim iPad keyboard.

The inspiration came from me seeing lots of reports about the Logitech counterpart, but with a price tag of between £60-80, I just didn’t really want to spend that amount on something that won’t get daily use.

I then did a bit of research, and found that Anker, those of the great portable external battery products et al, do a version of the keyboard themselves. At twice the battery capacity (6 months based on 2hrs use per day before needing a recharge), and less than half the price. (On Amazon, £30).

Needless to say, I’m delighted with it! Highly portable, thinner than the iPad Air, incredibly light, and connects seamlessly via Bluetooth. For those that find themselves writing up material in a café from time to time, or on the road and want to fire off that quote or email – something like this is invaluable.

Certainly a great tool to help you work more efficiently on the move.

More info on Anker’s website – ianker.com

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