The Imminent Arrival Of The iPad 3

Or….whatever they end up calling it! There have been rumours of it being called the 2S in line with the current iPhone. It all depends on how much of a revamp this model of iPad has had.

I must say, I’m an iPad fan; I use mine every day for many different jobs. Not only is it a great browsing tool for when you’re chilling out on the sofa without having the need to fire up a laptop, but I keep in touch with what’s going on in the world, via Twitter, blogs, using Flipboard to check out various articles, plus it’s obviously a really good gaming platform. (Just how big do you WANT those Angry Birds!)

The main use I have for my iPad 2 is as a script reader/prompt in my voiceover booth. No longer do I have to print all my scripts out, with the risk of having rustling with page turns etc. I just swipe down as I go whilst recording. This also means it cuts out a lot of the waiting time turning pages, and having to cut out page turn noises whilst editing; let alone the cost saving long term from all that printing. (And of course being better for the environment etc).

So yes, I, like many other people am eagerly awaiting what the next generation will offer in terms of specification; and I shall have to decide at the time whether it’ll be worth my while upgrading to get it’s benefits. (Chances are I will…).

I have to admit, I don’t get too immersed in all the rumour sites guessing at what the next big tech will be inside the new device, as most of the time they’re wrong; I just like to sit back on the day and find out from the horses mouth what the score is. So, come March 7th, I shall be watching that keynote, and quite possibly dribbling just a little bit.

So – will you be upgrading?

2 thoughts on “The Imminent Arrival Of The iPad 3

  1. I won’t be upgrading because I haven’t even adopted it yet! I’m staying true to my geek form and adopting when the price suits me.

    The real question (and answer) is will YOU be upgrading? Answers on a postcard please! 🙂

  2. As an avid Apple lover, I shall no doubt be upgrading! Although it depends how much of a leap forward in technology it contains – if it’s got suitable nom-factor, then I shall have to have it!

    However, if it’s just minor tweaks then I probably won’t bother and keep hold my ‘2’. Roll on March 7th!

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