A Man’s World For Movie Trailers

A few days ago, BBC News online released a video article talking about the world of movie trailer voiceovers, and how it’s a field dominated by men. And it is. For so many years, the typical ultra-deep gravelly tones such as the late great Don LaFontaine adorned pretty much every major Hollywood movie trailer going!

In fact, it was Don who I believe coined the phrases ‘In a world where…” and “In a land….” that appeared in so many film trailer.

See the video on this link, then read on….


Even now, in this day and age, female voiceovers when it comes to film trailers are still fairly rare. And there’s no real reason for this as far as I can see. It’s just that having the deep gravelly VO is ‘just the way it’s done’. Not to say that’s right, at all. It just seems to have been the adopted style.

From my point of view, choosing a male or female VO should be thought about at the time of making the trailer, and seeing which one suits each one best. It shouldn’t automatically be a male 80% plus of the time. There are undoubtedly many types of trailer that have been made which could easily have suited a female VO better. So why not? I don’t have the answer to that by the way, I’m just putting it out there!

Maybe one day we’ll see a turnaround and have more of an equal pegging when it comes to movie trailer VO, who knows…..

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