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The Kindle. A tool of the modern age. So long, paper! You’re history!

Ok, maybe a tad too dramatic, but suffice to say, I LOVE my Kindle. – But, it wasn’t always that way. There was a time where I (quite unjustly) thought they were useless…. ‘I don’t want to read off a screen’ I would proclaim, saying that I looked at screens all day, why would I want another one to read my books on? I was a paperback purist, and nothing would change that.

However, one day a few weeks ago, after hearing numerous reports about how good they are from trusted people I know, I bought one on a whim. The 6″ Kindle at £89. It’s one of those things that at the previous price of around £150, I wouldn’t have bothered, but at that price I was willing to risk it. (Then again I could always have sent it back if I didn’t like it.)

And, ever since, I’ve been an absolute Kindle convert. My prejudice against it was unquestionably unjust, as to hold it, touch it, feel the screen, it’s just like looking at a printed page. It now goes everywhere with me! In it’s cute little pouch it goes in my work bag, my ‘man-bag’ (don’t laugh), and whenever I’ve got a few minutes to spare, I’ll just whip it out (“matron”) and get through a few pages or so.

I was also surprised how easy it is to buy books for it too, as using the on-screen clicky keyboard thing was a bit of a nuisance, but on Amazon’s actual Kindle store on the website, you can buy/download samples and it delivers them instantly to your Kindle. Pretty damn awesome.

And in case you’re wondering if this post if sponsored or affiliated in some way, you’re wrong! It’s just a post that highlights that we shouldn’t be quick to judge what something is like without having experienced it, as that’s exactly what I’d done; which was unjust and wrong. I’ve always been a keen reader, and, if anything, I’m reading even more now I’m using my Kindle.

And one of the things it’s absolutely best for? Big chunky hardbacks that are just tooooo heavy to read in bed. Kindle to the rescue. Am reading a business book at the moment, after that, anyone’s guess. What will be your ‘Next, of Kindle’?


(Pic: Have Kindle, will travel…)

Kindle In Cornwall

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