The Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Great Working From Home

We knew it was too good to last….

One of the mildest winters ever was had at the end of last year and beginning of this one; and I for one was very thankful for it. I’m not a fan of snow, not when there are things to do, people to see etc. When it’s snowing at Christmas you don’t mind as much as you can barricade yourself in and forget about it, get yourself warm and drink mulled wine. Not so much when it happens in normal working times.

Luckily this recent cold snap was over a weekend so no major issue, and it’s now melting very well indeed. The other good reason for it not being too disruptive for me personally is the fact that as I work from home, if I barricaded myself in, I’m not in a bad position. I can continue working as if nothing’s happened, clients can contact me, I can still record voiceovers, send them off, & get paid all fine. (Especially as most people pay via BACS these days, no special trips to the bank!).

The people I do feel sorry for (slightly) are the ones who have to travel out for work to offices etc. I don’t envy them one bit; it’s not a life I would want to lead! There are pros and cons for all types of working environment, obviously, but this is my top 5 reasons why I think it’s great working from home.

/Cue: Pearl & Dean intro music…

5.  An easy one, the 4 second commute to the office. It’s a hard one to beat! No coats, snowshoes, wooly hats, or umbrellas. Bliss.

4. Uninterrupted supply of tea, coffee, soft drinks, lunch, snacks, all within a very short distance away. Also a nice ‘break-out’ area for downtime when not in a working mood. Namely, the lounge. And Netflix.

3.  To be able to have the house temperature at exactly what you want and is most comfortable – no vile air conditioning drying out your skin, throat and anything else it might reach! Also, not having to be around the rest of the human race means you’re prone to a far fewer bugs and infections. In my game, not having a cold means I can work!

2.  Fantastically speedy broadband with very very low contention ratio! During the day, my provider, Virgin Media, offers me more than what the package actually states I’ll get. This means that I’m never left hanging while ‘Malcolm in Accounts’ is hogging the bandwidth watching last night’s ‘Strictly’ on iPlayer. I get super-fast speeds exactly when I need it.

1.  Slippers. I barely need to qualify that with any more information, but ok. I’m going nowhere, I don’t need to wear tight patent leather shoes to look all smart and shiny. I’m poddling round the house and at my desk. I had some epically comfy slippers for Christmas which make my feet feel dreamy; and that, dear reader, is reason enough.

the comfy slippers

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