Puss In Boots, Old Spice And Good Marketing

I stumbled across this video on YouTube the other day; a trailer for the film Puss In Boots (a spin-off from Shrek), but it’s done in a rather unusual way; it’s an homage to the now-famous Old Spice ads. You know the ones – if I say “I’m on a horse” you’ll know exactly what I mean!

This kind of piggybacking has been done before with other things, so it’s not a brand new idea, but I think in this case it’s been done very effectively! And it’s certainly done it’s job and gone viral, as you’ll see from it’s YouTube stats. At the time of writing this well over 5.5 million views. As with all adverts/trailers, the content should be engaging, funny, informative, interesting; or certainly a combination of such. And this is one of the best trailers I’ve seen for a while. Made me chortle most heartily!

What are your thoughts? Is this the way the world is moving to get people engaged with films in this social networked world? Does it work for you?

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