New Year – Fresh Start

Well, it’s Olympic year, the big 2012. A great year. I think mainly because it’s a nice round number, it feels ‘whole’ in a strange way.

I’m a believer that the prettier the number, the better the year will be! Although it’s probably me just making it feel like that….Either way, I’m setting myself up to have the best year ever, and I trust you are too.

I don’t know about you, but I found the Christmas break very relaxing; so much so that I found it hard to get going again earlier this month! I was able to just switch off and enjoy life.

And sloe gin. But that’s another story.

So,  a new year, a new start, a year of new beginnings. I’m also geared up having joined a new gym which having already been twice now, I already feel better because of it. Well…it IS olympic year after all…..If I’ve got any hope of competing I better start now.

Whatever your plans for this year, as Captain Picard often said; “Make It So”.

Live long and prosper, Earthlings.

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