Fully Available Throughout Lockdown 3

First of all, Happy New Year!

The first couple of days of 2021 felt slightly cathartic in a way; a new chapter, hope on the horizon with vaccines rolling out, a glimpse of life eventually coming back to normal in the distance, with a light at the end of the tunnel.

But that was marred for the fact we’ve now entered another nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19. It was inevitable seemingly, but it doesn’t do much to help peoples mindsets – it all feels very much like deja vu. But without the good weather.

Let’s remember, however, that there is *still* hope on the horizon, and fingers crossed the government can start rolling out the vaccines quicker and more efficiently to ensure the vast majority of the nation can be inoculated as soon as possible to help everyone get back to their normal lives.

I know this lockdown will mean great uncertainty to many people once again, and will be incredibly tough. You never know what’s around the corner with anticipated projects and clients coming your way, myself included. Let’s just hope the vast majority can carry on as best they can, work-wise.

Thankfully, as I work from my professional home studio, I am on hand and available throughout Lockdown 3 to voice your projects, whatever they may be.

As we now face another 2+ months of lockdown, now is the time to re-evaluate all your marketing materials – are they up to date? Does the information need to change to keep up with current guidance? Is your phone system giving across the correct information in terms of opening hours, client-facing/remote-only working information? Are your social media videos current and not displaying now-dated voiceover/messaging?

Things at the moment are changing on a daily basis, so it’s worth being mindful of your outgoing materials, and adapting if needs be. As always, if you need anything voicing, or even just some simple help and advice, I’m on hand.

Stay safe, and wash your hands. And repeat.

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