New 2014 Voice Reel Released Into The Wild

A new year. A new voicereel.

By the end of last year I was startled to realise I hadn’t updated my main reel since that January.

So, action stations; there’s plenty of new material I could include from the previous year’s VO jobs, the major job is picking the right bits and compiling it all!

This time round, I decided to change things up a bit, and rather than spend ages poring over the various clips I’d end up shortlisting, I decided to have this reel produced by someone else. In this instance, it was Mark Williams of MW Media UK.

My reasoning being that for a change, it might be good to get a more objective ear on my material, let someone else pick out which bits they think make me sound as good as I possibly can, that show me off well. And I think it’s a great success!

Hope you like it…..

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