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Voice Replication via AI – Time To Start Worrying?

Yesterday I stumbled across a tweet mentioning a website called Lyrebird. It appears to be an artificial intelligence (A.I.) service that can replicate or clone the human voice; enabling you to make a voice say whatever you want it to. It’s not long ago something like this would be completely in the realms of science…

New 2014 Voice Reel Released Into The Wild

A new year. A new voicereel. By the end of last year I was startled to realise I hadn’t updated my main reel since that January. So, action stations; there’s plenty of new material I could include from the previous year’s VO jobs, the major job is picking the right bits and compiling it all!…

If Darth Vader Was Voiced By Kenneth Williams

I stumbled across a rather amusing video on YouTube the other day; a version of Star Wars from an alternate reality. We’ve all I’m sure seen the raw footage from a Star Wars scene of the actor in the costume of Darth Vader, Dave Prowse – delivering his lines in a rather un-menacing Westcountry accent….