Seeing Past VO Jobs Get Good Views

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After doing some meandering on YouTube the other day, I spotted in the ‘up next’ scroll on the right hand side, a voice over I recorded a year or so ago for a mattress company named Bruno. I hadn’t seen the video since the job was completed and had it sent through to me ahead of publishing, so thought I’d take a look.

I was gratified to see that they’ve had a good amount of views on this video! Just a handful shy of 114,000 at the time of looking. So hopefully the client’s pleased with that too!

It got me wondering; after nearly 10 years of being a professional voice over artist – over that time, I wonder how many people have heard my voice? Probably quite a large number when everything’s tallied up. Combinations of views on all client’s videos online, people hearing me at events that videos have played at, on hold messaging that people would have heard when calling various companies, let alone radio and TV ads etc.

It’s not something I’ve really thought about until now. But with all things considered, as a total tally, it’s got to be potentially millions of people that have, in some way, heard my voice in whatever capacity.

Quite a weird thought in many ways…..

And with 2018 being only around the corner, I’m looking forward to seeing who I’ll be voicing for over the next 12 months!

2 thoughts on “Seeing Past VO Jobs Get Good Views

  1. Hi Tim, thanks for your comment!
    In some ways, absolutely! Hindsight is wonderful.

    But, at the stage they were at when the project was voiced, I was more than happy with the invoiced amount, as you can only go by where a client is at, in the moment.

    But should they come back for more in the future at the scale they’re at now, then it’s likely the price will change :o)

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