Mobile Advertising Outweighs TV

Mobile Advertising Outweighs TVIn a report published by WARC recently, it found that in the 3rd quarter of 2017, mobile advertising in its various forms outweighed traditional TV advertising for the first time ever; with almost one in four pounds spent on advertising going to mobile.

That’s quite big news!

Now of course, they do go on to state that overall, TV advertising is still the biggest player in terms of advertising spend, and that these findings were (I’d imagine for the time being), more or less a blip.

But it goes to show, that the world is-a-changing! In what was only a few years ago branded ‘new media’ is swiftly becoming a major player in terms of how people see fit to spend their advertising pound or dollar. With never ending advances in technology come new platforms, and a never ending stream of ways to get logos in front of consumers faces!

I imagine it’ll only be a few years down the line as mobile spend continues to grow, when TV advertising take second place.

The future is looking more and more like ‘Black Mirror’ could be a documentary, not a dystopian drama!



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