Sir Ken Robinson On Creativity At TED

This is a TED talk you’ve probably seen before, as it’s quite a popular one. Sir Ken Robinson on why he thinks schools are killing creativity. It’s certainly one to get you thinking!

Ken has been talking about this subject, and the importance of creativity for many years. He also has a book about it which I’ve read, called The Element, which goes into the subject further, and how various people found their ‘element’, their one true purpose in life, to be literally in their element in worklife, homelife, hobby etc etc, how everyone is capable of finding something they love to do in one way or another.

For me, this was voiceover – a career I’d never thought I would ever do, as the thought never crossed my mind, until my best mate kicked me up the arse after I wasn’t really enjoying my life as the owner of a video production business. This video and the book were very apt to me, and it really struck a chord. Now I am a full-time voiceover artist, I really couldn’t be happier, and cannot imagine doing anything else, workwise. That, essentially, is the crux involved in the book – The Element – a really good read, highly recommend it. You can get it on Amazon for a few quid – (don’t worry, it isn’t an affiliate link!).

Amazon Link – The Element

But first, have a watch of this video, it will definitely show you a new perspective on things.

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