Viber – Now On Your Desktop

For those of you familiar with Viber, the free messaging app for most smartphones and tablets (similar to Skype), you may be pleased to learn Viber Messagingthat it’s now available as a free desktop application too.

It enables you to do text chatting, audio and video calls to any of your contacts, in a nice clean easy to use app.

I have in the past used this quite a lot as at times, Skype’s quality can be hit and miss, and this app on my iPhone seemed to have a more consistent connection when used for audio calls.

The other benefit – because this uses a data connection, it doesn’t use up your minutes on your phone, so if you need to call a client/supplier etc, you no longer need to grab your phone, just fire up this app and call them as you’re working.

Nice and easy.

Download it and try it for yourself.

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