Rising Up The Rankings

Since our App ‘Telesales Annoyer’ was released, it has been steadily rising up the rankings in the ‘top paid apps’ section in the Utilities category. It started life at position 150 out of the many thousands of apps in that category, so we were very pleased with that. Last night, we found that Apple have promoted our app to ‘New And Noteworthy’ on the Utilities category on iTunes. Excellent for us in terms of heightened visibility.

And, as of a few minutes ago when I checked again, we are now at position 31 in top paid apps, so we’re hoping it’ll continue to climb as it has been doing. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has downloaded it so far, and hope you get some enjoyment from it!

[For more info on the app, and to download, click here]

7 thoughts on “Rising Up The Rankings

  1. Nice work Richard! A great idea and obviously one that’s struck a chord with a lot of people 🙂 This is exactly the sort of lateral thinking that’s required to cut it as a successful and marketable voice over in these days where the world and his auntie think that anyone can do our job for expenses at best.

  2. Thanks Tim! Quite true! Certainly seems to be quite a popular little app so far, we’re very chuffed with the response and feedback so far…..

    Totally agree, I do often see some people’s stuff and it’s questionable at best…..!

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