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What If I Told You Your Script Needed Editing?

A recent experience has prompted me to write this post, in the hope of explaining the reasoning behind why I thought it important to mention it to the client in question. But first, let’s start with what we voiceovers do, in regards producing your recorded script. Essentially, it’s our job to bring your words to…

Why Maude In Accounts Should Stick To Her Own Job

At times, I just don’t understand some people. On the odd occasion, a client or prospect will come to me enquiring about having a voiceover recorded for a video they’re producing. [And by the way, more often than not, these videos aren’t exactly bargain bucket basement prices; we’re talking thousands of pounds worth of production.]…

Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 Voice Party

Last week, Jeremy Vine had a theme of ‘voice week’, everything to do with the human voice and how we use it it various ways, and indeed how it works. The week culminated in a voice party, where he invited several of the UK’s best known voices in order to guess what their trademarks were….