Why Maude In Accounts Should Stick To Her Own Job

At times, I just don’t understand some people.Maude In Accounts

On the odd occasion, a client or prospect will come to me enquiring about having a voiceover recorded for a video they’re producing. [And by the way, more often than not, these videos aren’t exactly bargain bucket basement prices; we’re talking thousands of pounds worth of production.]

So they come to me for a quote on behalf of their client. I duly quote the appropriate figure; and subsequently, my client/prospect comes to me tail between their legs saying that their client won’t go for it because it’s too much expense/it’s not in their budget/can I discount/or the best one yet, ‘to save money, they’re going to get Maude in accounts to voice it, as they say it’s cheaper’.

Yes, I really have been told that before.

“…I wouldn’t perform an appendectomy with a Leatherman to save a few quid!”

This, to me, defies all logic. It’s nonsensical. Why would you get a non professional to voice your high end corporate video? Especially when you’ve spent a good amount of money having it produced. Do some people really not care how it sounds? Because I wouldn’t perform an appendectomy with a Leatherman to save a few quid!

Professional vs Amateur

You can bet your bottom dollar they’d care if the cameraman turned up to the shoot with a cheap off-the-shelf  ‘handycam’ instead of a full production shooting kit! As would I – good visuals are really important!

But here’s the thing – so is sound! After all, it’s 50% of the entire production! You know, audio/visual and all that…

Don’t get me wrong, not ALL corporate videos will need a voiceover. Some can benefit just as well with titles etc. But when a video really requires a voiceover, please don’t get a non professional to voice it for you. It will sound rubbish.

How do I know this? (And why isn’t this really heavily biased given what I do for a living?)

Because the few times this has happened, I’ve actually had the opportunity to hear what ‘Maude’ has produced after my client showed me, and I, at my client’s request for comparison, have voiced a couple of lines to show their client what it could sound like.

[And trust me, what I have heard non professionals produce, really is not good. At all. It’s not just my opinion as a professional – ANYONE would agree. Really] It’s simply detrimental to the entire production.

And the climax to this story?

Yes, you guessed it. On all counts so far, the end client has indeed changed their mind, and had their project voiced professionally.

If you’re going to use a professional for the visuals, treat the audio exactly the same.

Believe me, I don’t want this to come across as a rant or a ‘yay me’ tale full of self-congratulation. It’s genuinely a post to try and serve as a reminder to people who are thinking about having a corporate video produced – don’t do things by halves. Don’t cut unnecessary corners. Because the end result, more often than not, will be poor. Frankly, it will be a waste of your money. If you’re going to use a professional for the visuals, treat the audio exactly the same.

Then, when it’s all finished and you have it proudly displayed on your website’s homepage & you push it through social media channels,  you’ll have an end product that you’ll be really pleased with.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

This quote says it all, really…..

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”   Red Adair

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