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2 weeks ago, Apple announced & launched the latest version of it’s pro audio recording software, Logic Pro X.

It’s been a long time in the making since it’s last iteration in ’09 – although it had continued to be a powerhouse in recording function. However this time round, they have improved it even further. A whole new look, a simplified interface, a more logical and ergonomic layout of regularly used buttons etc. Overall, a really nice new update to the pro software family.

However, the major thing I’m excited about now having played with it a few times with jobs over the last couple of weeks, is that it also works with a large_imagenew iPad app they’ve released, called Logic Remote. This is an app that essentially mirrors the major functions of Logic, buttons, sliders, settings – that you can control live on the iPad; with it being reflected immediately, with no delay, on the Logic Pro X screen.

This would mean that for voice over artists like me who don’t have a screen and mouse in their booths to control recording stop/start etc, it can all now be controlled remotely via the iPad over WiFi. This is a major bonus! No more popping my head out of the booth to make sure it’s all running again after a stop. Brilliant bit of technology.


And the better part is – this app Apple have released, is completely free, and integrates seamlessly upon launch.


Another reason why I love Apple stuff so much!

More info on Logic Pro X on Apple’s site.

Logic Pro X is downloaded via the Mac App Store, and is priced at $199USD/£140GBP

4 thoughts on “NEW Logic Pro X

  1. Richard, is there anything like the feature in Soundtrack Pro that allows you to record multiple takes without having to stop and start the recording? For me, this is hands down the most useful feature for professional voice over recording, allowing you to mix and match sections of different takes afterwards to get the best take. It’s the only reason I still use Soundtrack Pro, which hasn’t been updated in quite a while.

    • Hi Matt,

      Yes Logic does indeed have that facility, and has for a while I think.

      More info here:

      No, SoundTrack Pro hasn’t had an update for a while. Not sure why; it could be being gradually phased out, or maybe their intention is to just integrate more things into Logic rather than the separates like STP.

      I would say if you’re looking for a new editing software package, Logic Pro X is great in my book. Really loving it, and a really nice update from the previous iteration.

      • Good to know Richard. I do mostly video work in FCPX so Logic Pro 9 never seemed worth the price for my needs. But version X is really a great price for such a powerful DAW and should integrate well with FCPX.

        Thanks for your help.

        • Ah gotcha.

          Yes it really is, for the money, exceptional. Like all of Apple’s software, since the incarnation of the Mac App Store, the price for software has massively come down, yet still not reducing the quality of the software itself.

          I’m certainly very happy with it.

          Anytime…. 🙂

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