Someone Thought I Was Knowledgeable

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a writer for IT Donut, following my response to a question they posed via Twitter on the plus-es and pitfalls of cloud computing. I essentially just relayed my experiences using dropbox daily for document storage and sharing, freeing up files to use on other computers when I’m not in the office, and using it to read scripts off when I’m recording on a separate MacBook Air in my voice booth.

My conclusion, essentially, is whilst cloud computing is incredibly useful and gives us even more flexibility than ever before, it should never be relied upon as an ultra-stable resource – things break, things can get lost, so make sure everything is fully backed up offline as well. I tend to use 2 external hard drives as well as online backups for all my stuff. You can never be too careful!

You can read the full article here:

IT Donut – Cloud Computing Article

4 thoughts on “Someone Thought I Was Knowledgeable

  1. Hi Richard, good post, thanks for sharing.
    I’m going slightly off-topic here, but I noticed you mentioned you were using macbook air… would you recommend this as the computer to use for voice overs who have their own home studio? I’ve heard mixed reports, but find the macbook air much “quieter” than others. Or do you just like it because it’s cute? 🙂

    • I do use a MacBook Air, yes, but only for when I’m not at home in the studio, I use it as my travelling laptop for web work/email etc on the move. In my studio I have everything rigged through a MacBook Pro, audio wise with a big screen etc for easier editing..

      Although I love the Air for it’s portability, lightness and quietness, I wouldn’t use it for recording purposes, no, I prefer the power of the Pro for that 🙂

  2. Hey Richard, I really like the idea of using Dropbox to read scripts on a separate screen in the voice booth; makes total sense, and so easy. I use Dropbox sometimes for file sharing. :>)

    • Yep, Dropbox absolutely rocks my socks. It has to be my favourite web/mobile app. So easy to integrate and share files among various computers/devices. Just wish I’d invented it!

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